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Black Chic Hair Relaxer Super

1,500 F CFA

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Hair Relaxer Super

Black Chic Hair Relaxer provides silky-soft straight hair with a healthy shine. It results in lasting straightness and is enriched with moisturising olive oil for moisture-balanced hair. It conditions and protects the hair. No more dry, dull and damaged hair. Choose the correct relaxer strength variant recommended for your hair type: For thick, coarse and resistant hair that is difficult to relax.

Black Chic relaxer is also ideal for blowouts and s-curls.


Carefully read and follow instructions on packaging before use.

• Always use relaxer strength recommended for your hair type.
• To avoid hair loss, hair breakage, scalp irritation or damage, do not use on:
_– hair that is permed, coloured, bleached or relaxed with products that contain Thioglycolate
_ .or Bi-Sulfite.
_– scalp or hair that is damaged.

Caution: Not suitable for Asian and Caucasian hair.


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