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Organic Root Stimulator HAIRepair No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer System Normal 1 Application

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Organic Root Stimulator HAIRepair No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer System Normal 1 Application comes with a Cuticle Shield pre-treatment to really protect and condition hair during the relaxing process. Also comes enriched with avocado and coconut oils to replace lost moisture.

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Hairepair™ no-lye conditioning relaxer system provides continuous conditioning and protection during the relaxer process:
Cuticle Shield™ protective pre-treatment:
Wheat protein & protective polymers.
Seals, conditions & protects previously relaxed hair.
Relaxer creme:
Coconut & avocado oils.
Moisturizes & conditions hair during the relaxer process.
Neutralizing shampoo:
Aloe vera, olive oil & Vitamin B-5.
Conditions & cleanses hair.
Nourishing conditioner:
Bananas & bamboo.
Moisturizes hair to help restore the moisture and protein balance.
The Hairepair™ relaxer system with Cuticle Shield™ is designed to condition and protect hair during each step of the relaxer process. Cuticle Shield™ protective pre-treatment contains wheat proteins and polymers that seal, condition and protect previously relaxed hair during the new growth application to help prevent over processing, damage and breakage.
ORS, the Namaste ORS logo and Hairepair designs are registered and common law trademarks of Namaste Laboratories, L.L.C. in many countries.
Made in the United States containing U.S. and imported ingredients.
©1/2013 Namaste Laboratories, L.L.C. Blue Island, IL.
Questions? Call 888-766-8784 or email
This kit contains:
Step-by-step instructions.
1 pair of non-latex gloves.
1 mixing stick.
Cuticle Shield™ protective pre-treatment.
Relaxer base & activator.
Neutralizing shampoo.
Nourishing conditioner.
Organic, Root Stimulator, Hairepair, no-lye conditioning relaxer system with cuticle shield.
Organic, Root Stimulator, Hairepair, Cuticle Shield™, protective pre-treatment.
Organic, Root Stimulator, Hairepair, no-lye relaxer base, A.
Organic, Root Stimulator, Hairepair, no-lye relaxer, activator, B.
Organic, Root Stimulator, Hairepair, conditioning neutralizing shampoo, with color cue.
Organic, Root Stimulator, Hairepair, Nourishing Conditioner™, with banana & bamboo extract.
©3/2013 Namaste Laboratories L.L.C.
*These plus certain other ingredients moisturize hair during the relaxer process.
Organic Root Stimulator, and the Namaste raindrop logo and Hairepair design are registered and common law trademarks of Namaste Laboratories, L.L.C. in many countries.
©3/2013 Namaste Laboratories L.L.C.

Pack Size: Net contents: 1 complete application

Quantity in Package: 1

Usage Info:
Step-by-step instruction guide:
1. Before relaxing & strand test:
It’s a good idea to have a friend or relative to assist you when you relax your hair.
There are certain areas of your head you cannot see and continuously applying relaxer to these areas could cause over processing, or damage to your hair and/or scalp.
Before proceeding, read the following instructions and warnings as well as warnings on the outer kit carton carefully.
Make sure you assemble everything you need for the relaxer service.
The ORS™ Hairepair™ relaxer system with Cuticle Shield™ includes:
Cuticle Shield Protective™ pre-treatment.
Relaxer base & activator.
Neutralizing shampoo.
Nourishing conditioner.
Mixing stick.
You will also need:
A comb.
A clock or timer.
A towel.
Hair oil (to use as a protective base).
2. Mixing & strand test:
2.1 Before mixing put on gloves provided in kit. Keep gloves on until relaxer is fully rinsed out of hair.
2.2 Pour the entire contents of Hairepair™ activator (B) into Hairepair™ base (A) and mix thoroughly for approximately 1 minute with wooden mixing stick provided. Mixture of relaxer base and activator should sit for 3 minutes before applying to hair.
Important: do not apply to hair until completely smooth and without lumps. Mix for at least one minute or more. Failure to mix thoroughly may cause scalp irritation, hair damage, and/or hair loss. Do not over mix.
First-time users: make sure you do a strand test. Strand tests are important because they help you determine the length of time you need to relax your hair.
Strand test: cut a small section of hair from the back of the head. Tape one end of the hair strands together. Apply relaxer evenly to test strands only. Follow timing guide. If not straight enough, continue checking every 1-2 minutes until desired straightness is achieved. Examine strand test section and note timing. Do not exceed the maximum time on the timing chart based on hair texture.
3. Protect:
Special note before relaxing: everyone should protect their hairline and ears with hair oil because they are the most delicate areas that are easily irritated. However, if you have a sensitive scalp, make sure to part your hair and apply the hair oil directly to the entire scalp (not the hair) before relaxing.
3.1 After parting hair in four sections and protecting the ears, hairline and (if sensitive) scalp.
3.2 Apply Cuticle Shield™ protective pre-treatment to the previously relaxed hair (do not apply to new growth) and comb through for even distribution. This will condition the hair and help avoid over processing.
4. Application:
Apply relaxer close to scalp, but not on the scalp. If applying a touch-up, apply to new growth only. Apply relaxer to the top of the head first (with comb or applicator brush), since this section takes the longest to process. Then apply to front section.
See tips for smoothing. Next apply to the back sections. Apply to the hairline last. This section is the most delicate and needs to be treated with tender-loving care.
Timing chart*:
Set the timer for the recommended time using timing chart.
Timing chart:
For fine-medium hair textures.
Hair texture – maximum time.
Fine – 10-12 minutes.
Medium – 13-15 minutes.
Resistant – 15-18 minutes.
Extra strength:
For coarse-resistant hair textures.
Hair texture – maximum time.
Coarse – 12-18 minutes.
Resistant – 15-20 minutes.
Total application and smoothing must not exceed the maximum time shown on this timing chart. Over-processing will damage the hair.
*Timing chart is not applicable when relaxer is only applied to edges of hair. This kit is not intended for use for spot application or on hair with weave, braids or extensions.
5. Smoothing:
Why smooth?
Smoothing is an essential step to the relaxing process. It helps you to achieve the desired straightness by evenly distributing the relaxer.
How to smooth:
5.1 Smooth the relaxer using the back of a comb or fingertips.
5.2 Start smoothing where the relaxer was first applied (top of head).
5.3 Continue throughout head in the order the relaxer was applied.
5.4 Make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended time.
Tips for smoothing:
To relax virgin hair: smooth from roots to end. Do not comb through because combing can cause damage to the hair and scalp.
To touch-up: apply and smooth the relaxer through new growth only. Avoid smoothing throughout hair because this will cause over-processing of previously relaxed hair.
6. Rinse:
Using warm water, thoroughly rinse the hair for approximately 5 minutes, especially around the ears, nape, and hairline. Rinsing is important to avoid damage and over-processing of your hair.
After rinsing, you will notice that your hair will feel silky, smooth and tangle free because of the conditioning relaxer and Cuticle Shield™ treatment.
7. Neutralizing:
7.1 Apply a generous amount of Hairepair™ neutralizing shampoo with color cue to the hair and work into a rich lather. If relaxer is not fully rinsed out of hair, lather will be pink.
7.2 Rinse, repeat shampoos until lather is white, which indicates that relaxer is fully rinsed out of the hair. If lather is not white, continue shampooing and rinsing until lather is white.
7.3 Towel-dry hair.
Why do you need to use the Hairepair™ neutralizing shampoo?
This neutralizing shampoo is formulated to condition, cleanse, detangle and stop the processing of the relaxer. The color cue feature is designed to signal when all traces of the relaxer are removed from the hair.
8. Conditioning:
8.1 Apply a generous amount of Hairepair™ Nourishing Conditioner™ to the hair. Comb through for even distribution. The Nourishing Conditioner™ will help improve the moisture and protein balance of the hair, resulting in stronger and healthier-looking hair that is shiny and manageable.
8.2 Put a plastic cap on your hair and sit under a dryer for 10 minutes (15-20 without heat).
8.3 Rinse hair and towel dry.
9. Styling options:
Wrapping the hair and roller setting are great ways to achieve straight and body styles without using excessive heat.
Blow-drying is an easy way to dry the hair; however, it can cause breakage or damage to hair if it’s not done properly. Use a heat protection styling aid to protect the hair from heat.
Safe blow-drying tip:
Dry hair 85-90% prior to blow-drying by air drying or using dryer (warm temperature). This will minimize the amount of heat needed.
Keep your hairstyles looking their best:
1. Always protect the style with a satin or silk scarf at night or sleep on a satin or silk pillow case.
2. Keep heat styling to a minimum; 1-2 times per week and use moderate temperature settings for heat styling tools.
3. Keep your scalp lubricated/moisturized with ORS™ Hairepair™ vital oils for hair & scalp or intense moisture creme.
4. Finish your style with ORS™ Hairepair™ protect & shine sheen spray or Hairepair™ polisher.
Guide to achieving a successful relaxer:
Follow the timing chart to prevent over-processing, hair damage, or possible hair loss.
You should not pre-shampoo your hair prior to a relaxer application.
If your hair has been pressed, wait at least 2 weeks before applying relaxer.
Avoid pressing (hot combing) your hair when it is relaxed.
Do not apply to damaged hair.
Avoid vigorous combing or brushing of hair before applying the relaxer.
Make sure scalp has not been scratched before a relaxer service.
Do not apply relaxer if your scalp is irritated, scratched or inflamed.
Minimize overlapping relaxer onto previously relaxed hair.
Smooth your hair with the back of comb or cushions of the fingers.
Allow 6-8 weeks between relaxer applications.
Do not relax hair if it is damaged.
Do not drink coffee or other hot caffeinated drinks prior to a relaxer service to avoid possible scalp irritation.
Do not comb relaxer through hair.
Be sure not to apply relaxer to scalp or surrounding skin areas.
If relaxer comes in contact with your skin, wipe it off with a damp cloth.
Hair that is recently removed from braids or extensions is normally not suitable for relaxing immediately after removal. We suggest that you condition hair and wait two (2) weeks, and then check condition of hair before relaxing.
Do not apply relaxer to hair that is breaking, splitting or otherwise damaged.
Do not use anti-dandruff shampoos on hair two (2) weeks prior to or after hair has been relaxed.
Wait two (2) weeks after the removal of braids or extensions from the hair before applying a relaxer to the hair. Be sure to condition your hair before relaxing.
Do not apply relaxer if scalp is perspiring. If scalp is perspiring, sit under a cool dryer before relaxer is applied to hair.


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